Rachel (carrotproject)

Why is she featured?

"She stopped me from killing myself and I owe her my life. Please feature her, more people need to know about this wonderful girl and the project."

I myself have spoken to Rachel a few times. She is one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest, most helpful and genuine people I have had the chance to talk to in my life. I remember seeing the blog when it was first made and now it is practically famous. Words can’t describe how proud I am.

Why do the boys love Rachel?

I’m so glad to have inspired your blog. Keep up the good work, love. ~Louis

Her writing is amazing and she’s a wonderful listener. -Zayn

Boom Boom Boom, I want Lou in my room! I’ll have to remember that one. Your sign was hilarious. ~Harry

She likes Friends, therefore I love her! -Liam

She’s really pretty! I’m proud to have her as a fan. -Niall