Nicole (bratqueens)

Why is she featured?

Nicole makes amazing graphics, and her URL is perfection! 

Why do the boys love Nicole?

It’s really sweet that she supports Cher! Especially since she’s a good friend of mine. -Niall

Her blog looks amazing, she’s really talented! -Liam

California girls, they’re undeniable… ~Louis

Her hair is so cute, it reminds me of Zayn’s. ~Harry

She has an entire tag section dedicated to me… hair, eyes, teeth, lips… I’m lovin it, babe! -Zayn

Hannah (thosehoranhugs)

Why is she featured?

"She’s kinda doubting her blog and i want people to know how amazing and nice she is!"

Why do the boys love Hannah?

Her new shirt is awesome! I’d give her a Horan Hug anytime… -Niall

She’s really sweet, and we’re both night owls! -Liam

What a cutie! Maybe we can go to an Ed Sheeran concert together sometime. ~Harry

Writing? Photography? She’s really artistic, just like me! -Zayn

She’s funny! And we’re both awkward. ~Louis

Luisa (zouisislove)

Why is she featured?

Really cute blog, and she’s a sweetheart!

Why do the boys love Luisa?

Woah, eyes! She’s gorgeous. ~Harry

She’s an amazing writer! -Niall

Anyone who ships Zouis is alright with me! -Zayn

We’re both random and we love to laugh! ~Louis

She’s really nice and so dedicated. -Liam

Jessica (nialls-potatoes)

Why is she featured?

Her blog is so pretty! I love the sidebar GIF.

Why do the boys love Jessica?

She likes food? And she’s pretty?! Score. -Niall

Wow! Her drawings are amazing. Do you think she could show me a thing or two? -Zayn

She’ll go by whatever I want to call her? How about ‘my girlfriend’ ? ~Harry

She likes Toy Story?! I see a Disney movie marathon with her in the near future. -Liam

She tells it like it is. It’s refreshing to see such an honest girl! ~Louis

Tiffany (tomlinswaggers)

Why is she featured?

Her blog is really cute! It’s well organized and I like the description.

Why do the boys love Tiffany?

That ‘Happy Birthday’ video she made me was so sweet! ~Louis

She’s really nice and supportive. -Liam

She loves food. Need I say more? -Niall

Aw, what a cutie! ~Harry

We both love art. Maybe we could get together sometime and sketch? -Zayn

Janey (whatmakesloubootyful)

Why is she featured?

" whatmakesloubootyful is my favorite blog ever and her and zayn would be so cute together!!!!!!! "

Why do the boys love Janey?

I remember that time I hugged her. One of the best days of my life. -Zayn

She wants a lot of kids? You know what that means ~Harry

She is a really talented writer. -Liam

Her birthday is in December and so is mine! Twins! ~Louis

Woah, she’s pretty! And a really supportive fan. -Niall

Luke (vas-happenin-down-under)

Why is he featured?

Mad respect for him. And I mean, come on! He’s cute. He’s a male Directioner. He has an amazing blog. What’s not to love?

Why do the boys love Luke?

I’d love to meet him! It’s certainly on my bucket list. -Zayn

He’s Australian! Hellooo accent. ~Harry

He’s a great writer. And those eyes! -Niall

It’s amazing to know that our music appeals to everyone and he’s really supportive. -Liam

I’d certainly like to know vas happenin’ down under, if you know what I mean. ~Louis

Anonymous asked:
Just wondering, have you posted Caroline from ZaynsBitch yet? If not, I recommend you do. xx

Melanie (lovingyou-ischerrypie)

Why is she featured?

She has a really adorable blog and I like her URL! Mother Monster. ♥

Why do the boys love Melanie?

She loves to sing! I can definitely relate to her there. ~Louis

She likes piercings and tattoos! I’m available, love. -Zayn

Wow, she’s gorgeous! ~Harry

You’re insecure, don’t know what for, you’re turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. -Niall

She’s really kind and amazing at giving advice! -Liam

Robyn (tommofacts)

Why is she featured?

"She is the most perverted directioner and the most hilarious!! Her on tiny chat makes my day!"

Why do the boys love Robyn?

It’s massively sweet that her blog is dedicated to me. It means a lot. I love her! ~Louis

She’s really nice to her followers. -Liam

A funny girl, that one! She makes me laugh. -Niall

I especially like her background. She’s very generous and definitely won’t mind sharing Lou. Right? Right?! ~Harry

She’s such an amazing person! We’re glad to have her in the 1D family. -Zayn